Week 2 Artist

We all met him in class when he visited and gave us a preview of his work, but after hearing Maccabee Shelly thoroughly go over his art work gave me a better appreciatioin for his art and art in general. Throughout the discussion he repeateadly said his pieces  never came out the way  he imagined it, but he found something beautiful in it. That really stuck with me because it’s something i do to myself, if something i draw comes out as i wanted,  I automatically decide it’s bad which is a bad habit and something im trying to fix. Another thing i found interesting was how dangerous the process to make his art work and the fact he does it all by himself makes it more impressive. These were my favorite 2 pieces of the gallery, i liked the colers green and blue interprated into the piece and it gave me personally this extraterrestrial life type of feeling.

Favorite peice
Art Gallery

Favorite pieces


Hello World!

To me art can be found everywhere, it’s all around us we just interpret what is art differently than others. Culture is an individuals background, the experiences they have had that made them who they are now. Tecnnology is a way to advance our society and make the world smaller by giving people similiar experiences.