Week 11 Artist

This week I am choosing to blog about Gabriel Garcia’s gallery. His work filled an entire room with sterotypical messages about the idea of masculinity. Messages that at some point we have all heard at some point in our lives. He said the reason for these messages was to make sort of a subconcious impact. The main message is in today’s sociey there is a shameful sense of masculinity. What we consider the bigger, more aggresive  man is regarged as manly, his gallery was an aim to show these faults in our society. I related to his ideas in the sense I have never been someone you would consider mascline in our society, I have heard the same lines directed at me as it was in the show. This being said it was refreshing to see someone have a creastive show on a definite problem in our society.

Here’s a pic of some of his work



Week 11 Conversation

I had a conversation with Christian Park this week. A very nice and interesting guy, he’s currently studying to be a film major. He was telling me about how editing a video is a huge part of the film or music video. His dream job is to either be filming and editing concerts or music videos. Christian told me his plans might change because he faces a similiar battle most have, everyone wants a solid job thats gonna make money especially his parents. We connected on music we both like listening to more old school stuff and we were just tossing up bands we like. I wish him the best with everything, it was nice talking to him.

Here’s a pic of Christian


Week 11 Activity

This week we had to plaster a model of our hand or foot. I went down to seal beach on friday with a couple of buddies to help me out with the activity. I was a liitle skeptic about the activity, but we had a good time and it was an easy activity. We dug a small hole in which I put my hand in and proceded to do the rest of the steps as it said on the video. The whole time we were doing it, I didn’t think it would come out good at all, but was surprised to see  fingerprints of my hand. Overall it was a fun experience got to spend some time with my friends and got to try out plastering, something I have never done before.

Here’s a couple of photos of me and my friends and the final outcome of my plastered hand.


Week 10 Activity

This week it was our choice of any type of art activity. I chose to paint, I went out and bought some basic supplies and painted for the first time since maybe elementary school. It was mostly me just messing around and having fun, like I said before Im not an expert, but this class and assingment inspired me to try and explore my artistic side. I honestly thoroughly enjoyed the activity when I was painting I was completly focused on just painting, it wasnt a hassle at all. I wasn’t necessarily going for anything in particular in my painting it was abstract to say the least, mostly I just painted randomly seeing what would happen and observing the contents of paint. It was fun and i’ll probably do it by myself some more, here are some pics of my painting.


Week 10 Conversation

So this week I am going to blog about Kevin Nguyen. I met him two weeks ago, but am blogging about j=him this week because i had two conversations that week. I didn’t want to be mean and tell Kevin I already had a conversation when he came up to me and I was glad to have another conversation with him. Kevin is a freshman in his second semester, who commutes from westminister. Besides hanging out with friends Kevn has a unique hobby, he like to build kits. At first i was confused because I had never heard of that before, but he showed me pictures and explained. Kevin tells me he basicly buys a kit of pieces and assembles them into a model. It’s very long and deligent work. but he enjoys it and i am sure that feeling of finally finishing a model is worth it all. I actually forgot to take a picture of Kevin, but for a replacement i’ll post a pic of his hobby.

A pic of Kevin’s hobby


Week 10 Artist

The artist I will be blogging about this week is Dawn Ertl. I feel like I say this every week about the gallery, but again it was a unique show in the sense that I haven’t anything like her work before. Her peices were all very large and they hung from the ceiling bringing an intersting way to view her work, rather than  just staring at a portrait. The piece that scattered everywhere and covered at least a quarter of the gallery was cool, I read on her informative page that it was representing the butterfly effect and how series of unchained events effect each other. It’s a pretty intersting topic and we can push it even further by asking are these random events or was it all coming together no matter what. This was another example of how art can  represnted ideas instead of just images.  Before this I was narrow minded of art I felt you basicly conceived images in your head and draw or p aint them out. I am learning from artists such as Dawn Ertl there is more to art, than I once thought.

Here’s a pic of some of Ertl’s work


Week 9 Activity

This has been one of the harder activities just because i am awful at drawing. This is my cognitive map of csulb.


Basicly I attepted to draw the parking lot and my path to my classes because thats all i usually see of the campus.

I chose to adopt the csulb library for a few reasons. I have gaps in between my classes and spend my free time in the library. The library is a huge building i mean i havent even been on every floor. As you walk in there is a starbucks in the front and to the right there computers that students use either for hw or entertainment. There is an elevator and stairs to take you to different floors i usually pick the stairs and call that my workout for the day. In the 5th floor where i spend most my time there is a lot of free space, which i really like and theres a lot of comfortable couches. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s one of my favorite places on campus.

Here’s a pic of the library 002

The library has a rich history the present building was opened in 1972 and endured remodeling during 2006 to 2007. Prior to the current library there were two other librays in Csulb past. The very first library was a wooden building that could only only around 40 people. This was remodeled to where the campus is now, but the caopacity was around 90. Than the library previous to the one we had was a much larger 1 story building that could fit 300 people. Looking at our library and comparing it to past library and even other libraries i have been to make me grateful for being a  Csulb student.

My reconstruction of the campus isn’t really that big of a change. I find our campus to be really beautiful and it’s very spaceful which i like. The walk from the parking lot to my classes, this could be the laziest thing to complain about, but it actually affects me in a big way. The parking lot is on the other side of my classes and i commute to school so the walk to my classes always has to be accounted for. If there was a parking lot besides my classes somewhere over the hill it would be so much easier for many students and i would save 15 min of sleep every morning. My drawing like i said is awful, but iliterally cant do any better.