Week 14 Artist

I want to talk about Charles Banowetz this week I really enjoyed his work. Immediatly looking at his piece I resonated with my experiences in Yosemite. This past spring break I went to Yosemite and it was my first time truly experiencing  being with nature. I feel like It gave me a better appreciation for nature and life. I personally thought Banowets’s statement was well done it gave me a deeper understanding of his work. He wants to focus on the beauty of life and I think that’s something needed in the world. The landscapes he saw in Alaska gave him a happy peaceful feeling and I felt the same about Yosemite. Rather than staying down and being gloomy go out and see how beautiful the world is thats what I got from his piece.

Here’s a pic of his work


It  made me reminisce and think about upcoming adventures I will have.


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