Week 12 Artist

This week I’ll be blogging about Piet Eppinga’s gallery. I walked in observed each peice and while I found the sculptures interesting I didn’t appreciate it’s value until Piet told the story of each peice. He went through each peice in great detail  and explained what they symbolized, his explanations  made his work come to life in my opinion. His show expressed the relationships between people especially between family.


This peice titled “Father and Son” had a intriguing story. Piet described how the son is on one leaning on his father who is standing on two legs. Piet talked about how realtionships between father and son are rarley strong because boys are supposed to figure things on there own and often get affection from their father. Its a cycle becasue the sons who grow without a strong relationship with there father often fail to build strong relationships with their son. I  agree with these statements and I wonder why this cycle is so common in father and son relationships.



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