Week 10 Conversation

So this week I am going to blog about Kevin Nguyen. I met him two weeks ago, but am blogging about j=him this week because i had two conversations that week. I didn’t want to be mean and tell Kevin I already had a conversation when he came up to me and I was glad to have another conversation with him. Kevin is a freshman in his second semester, who commutes from westminister. Besides hanging out with friends Kevn has a unique hobby, he like to build kits. At first i was confused because I had never heard of that before, but he showed me pictures and explained. Kevin tells me he basicly buys a kit of pieces and assembles them into a model. It’s very long and deligent work. but he enjoys it and i am sure that feeling of finally finishing a model is worth it all. I actually forgot to take a picture of Kevin, but for a replacement i’ll post a pic of his hobby.

A pic of Kevin’s hobby



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