Week 10 Artist

The artist I will be blogging about this week is Dawn Ertl. I feel like I say this every week about the gallery, but again it was a unique show in the sense that I haven’t anything like her work before. Her peices were all very large and they hung from the ceiling bringing an intersting way to view her work, rather than  just staring at a portrait. The piece that scattered everywhere and covered at least a quarter of the gallery was cool, I read on her informative page that it was representing the butterfly effect and how series of unchained events effect each other. It’s a pretty intersting topic and we can push it even further by asking are these random events or was it all coming together no matter what. This was another example of how art can  represnted ideas instead of just images.  Before this I was narrow minded of art I felt you basicly conceived images in your head and draw or p aint them out. I am learning from artists such as Dawn Ertl there is more to art, than I once thought.

Here’s a pic of some of Ertl’s work



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