Week 9 Conversation

This week I had a conversation with Jairo Ubeda. We actually met a couple days ago in another one of our classes, but i am glad we ended up seeing each other on thursday because he is a cool guy. He’s a junior and jumped from studying to be an engineer to studying communication, it was cool hearing his journey in Csulb and how he ended up wanting to work in radio. We both connected on music we both spend ours finding new music. He also played soccer in high like me. We talked about  our jobs he works as a meat cutter in northgate. Jairo also talked about he came from a small town that didn’t have a lot and he said the community was filled with graffiti. He got into graffiti at a young age because  of this and he describes as giving his town a calling which is awsome. He’s under a lot of stress with a full time job and school i feel for him, but i hope he continues to stay in school and get his degree.

A pic of Jairo



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