Week 9 Activity

This has been one of the harder activities just because i am awful at drawing. This is my cognitive map of csulb.


Basicly I attepted to draw the parking lot and my path to my classes because thats all i usually see of the campus.

I chose to adopt the csulb library for a few reasons. I have gaps in between my classes and spend my free time in the library. The library is a huge building i mean i havent even been on every floor. As you walk in there is a starbucks in the front and to the right there computers that students use either for hw or entertainment. There is an elevator and stairs to take you to different floors i usually pick the stairs and call that my workout for the day. In the 5th floor where i spend most my time there is a lot of free space, which i really like and theres a lot of comfortable couches. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s one of my favorite places on campus.

Here’s a pic of the library 002

The library has a rich history the present building was opened in 1972 and endured remodeling during 2006 to 2007. Prior to the current library there were two other librays in Csulb past. The very first library was a wooden building that could only only around 40 people. This was remodeled to where the campus is now, but the caopacity was around 90. Than the library previous to the one we had was a much larger 1 story building that could fit 300 people. Looking at our library and comparing it to past library and even other libraries i have been to make me grateful for being a  Csulb student.

My reconstruction of the campus isn’t really that big of a change. I find our campus to be really beautiful and it’s very spaceful which i like. The walk from the parking lot to my classes, this could be the laziest thing to complain about, but it actually affects me in a big way. The parking lot is on the other side of my classes and i commute to school so the walk to my classes always has to be accounted for. If there was a parking lot besides my classes somewhere over the hill it would be so much easier for many students and i would save 15 min of sleep every morning. My drawing like i said is awful, but iliterally cant do any better.



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