Week 8 Activity

So basicly i was sitting at my desk trying to figure out what my remix should be. I knew i wanted to do a remix of ideas, just because i like to take ideas from different places and try to form my own idea, which i am sure is nmost people. I was having a difficult ttime figuring out what to remix though, and as i took a small break i saw my christmas card from work and looked over it. After reading all the messages i got from my fellow coworker i inintentionally found what i was looking for, i decided to mix their messages to form one unified message.

007“Be happy, smilie like it’s your last day! Keep being yourself, you control your destiny”.

I was inherently happy with what i got out of the remix activity, i am not tech savy so i though i might find some difficulty in this activity, but i feel ithe activity ended up being a success. The activity was a representation of my life and how i want to live, not so much precisly what my coworkers said just the mixing of ideas. This being said i dont know to much about copyright , but i believe it’s not the greatest system. I mean i understand drug companies having a copyright, but for any type of art form or work, i feel is a mistake. Yes individuality is important, which i think is what copyright is trying to get out of, but in my opinion i feel we should be able to use everything that is out there in the world to do your own thing, but i guess that is just me. This being said my work is definatley Public domain, anyone who wants to use any images or anything i say can.


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