Week 6 Activity

This weeks art activity was yarn bombing. At first I had a difficult time trying to figure out what i wanted to do. However once i got my idea to use fiber clothes to cover my basket it was pretty easy. It came out  pretty good in my eyes, it was much more interesting to look at at with the fiber on it. This was one of the biggest differences i found in the yarn and graffitti activity. The graffiti activity to me didn’t come out the way i wanted because i felt i needed to be good at graffiting. Not trying to diminish fiber arts, but to me it seems simpler to cover soemthing in fiber rather than creating an image in graffiti. This being said i do believe our society treats men work with more value than womans work. I feel it’s better than it used to be and is currently getting better, but far from equal.  The stereotypes to me are over escalated, but i did see graffiti to be more  aggresive and fiber a little more femineme. I think i feel this way because i felt i was decorating my basket, while when i was graffiting i was physically creating something. That was my personal feeling due to my experience, but i am sure there are fiber artist who create awsome things with fiber. Overall it was a chill activity and i thought the comparing and contrast to graffiting was interesting.

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