Week 5 Activity

This week was cool becasue we got to see what other people were working on and got to decide if we felt it was a good idea. The two categories i surfed through was music and gaming because those were the two i related with most. For music i dislike the video Case Against the Machine, which is an album about Nicholas Cage and his movies. I just feel no one would take the time to listen to that besides maybe Nicholas Cage. The funding pitch that i did like was from a band called Steven Flanders it was obvious ther were more genuinely into their work and needed funds to make it happen. For the Gaming videos i liked the Underworl Ascendant they thoroughly go over the game, while showing clips through out the video. It’s apparant the people knew what were they talkinjg about. Overall i I just felt it was a cool cenceptual game that i could back in to. The video game i disliked was Crystal Quest Classics, i just felt the game was to far back for modern game players. The game in my personal opinion didn’t show the ability to be engaging or fun. I feel Kickstarter is a great website that allows anyone a oppurtunity to do something worthwhile.


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