Week 15 Conversation

This week I met Conor Hawks. He’s 23 years old and is studying to be a film major. He wants to be a producer and is currently working with small independent films to gain experience and have fun. He likes to visit new countries and experience their culture. I was jealous to hear that he actually had been to a Manchester United match in Europe. He also has spent 3 years in the Costal Guard which he looks back with love and resentment. It was really cool hearing all his experiences he has defenitley done a lot in his life, which is  something  to admire.

Here’s a pic of Conor and I



Week 15 Artist

This week’s gallery DRAWN OUT was more interesting than usual because it had the work of so many artists. I enjoyed several of the artist’s work but something about Nathan Lewis’ pieces stood out. The medium differed from the rest of the artist as he used the base of a skateboard as the canvas rather than confine his work into a square portrait. Each board had a different heading in the bottom with its own unique design of some sort of god. The color and pattern of the boards made it appealing to the eye and there was something majestic about each god. It was intersting because the pieces reminded me of something like old greek myths with a modernized twist with it being on the skateboard. Overall I thought it was creative and well done and hopefullly will be able to ride these boards soon.


Week 14 Conversation

I met and had a conversation with Edgar Bueno. Edgar turned out to be a cool guy, which I expected after hearing his unique last name. We connected big time with soccer which is  both of our favorite things to do. With his club soccer team Edgar has actually met some of my former high school teamates. I guess it’s a small world after all. We joked around about them and talked some FIFA. It’s a must if you play soccer you play FIFA,  we laughed about how people who don’t even play soccer play FIFA. Besides talking soccer Edgar talked about his goals. He is currently studying Sociology, but really wants to be a dentist. I wish him the best luck with his goals and soccer career, maybe will mess around with the ball one day.

Edgar and I


Week 14 Artist

I want to talk about Charles Banowetz this week I really enjoyed his work. Immediatly looking at his piece I resonated with my experiences in Yosemite. This past spring break I went to Yosemite and it was my first time truly experiencing  being with nature. I feel like It gave me a better appreciation for nature and life. I personally thought Banowets’s statement was well done it gave me a deeper understanding of his work. He wants to focus on the beauty of life and I think that’s something needed in the world. The landscapes he saw in Alaska gave him a happy peaceful feeling and I felt the same about Yosemite. Rather than staying down and being gloomy go out and see how beautiful the world is thats what I got from his piece.

Here’s a pic of his work


It  made me reminisce and think about upcoming adventures I will have.

Week 13 Artist

This week’s artist I have chose to blog about is Shihori Nakayama and her gallery Recapturing the Moment. I find myself to be naturally drawn to print art work, I think it’s the animated side of it that attracts me. Shihori’s gallery didn’t fail me in the sense her pieces were majestic. Her pieces had so many micro pieces to it you could get lost in all the little parts that made up her work. In her statement I read her work are representations of memories she has had in the past just obiously exaggerated in her own impersonation. She really to me portrays how we see an artist someone who reflects their life in their work to express who they are in the world.

A picture of her work


As you can see her work is like entering a whole new world.

Week 12 Conversation

This week I met and had a conversation with Khou Do. He is a first year like myself  and is studying accounting. Khou moved from Vietnam when he was nine years old. It’s actually a pretty funny story his parents didn’t even tell him they were leaving to America when they left. He talked about his life in Vietnam and how it was much different from living in the U.S. We both found a  very strong common interest in soccer. I told him my favorite team was Arsenal and he told me the old Arsenal from a few years ago was his favorite team. We talked about how going to Europe and seeing a live game is definitley on our bucketlist. Who knows maybe me and Khou will one day go watch a game together.

Week 12 Artist

This week I’ll be blogging about Piet Eppinga’s gallery. I walked in observed each peice and while I found the sculptures interesting I didn’t appreciate it’s value until Piet told the story of each peice. He went through each peice in great detail  and explained what they symbolized, his explanations  made his work come to life in my opinion. His show expressed the relationships between people especially between family.


This peice titled “Father and Son” had a intriguing story. Piet described how the son is on one leaning on his father who is standing on two legs. Piet talked about how realtionships between father and son are rarley strong because boys are supposed to figure things on there own and often get affection from their father. Its a cycle becasue the sons who grow without a strong relationship with there father often fail to build strong relationships with their son. I  agree with these statements and I wonder why this cycle is so common in father and son relationships.